Oct 30, 2009

Rejuvenated - the power of the collective

Since we moved into the studio, Cathie and I have been very busy 'nesting'. It's been very fun creating a space that we love to create in and others want to visit. So much fun that our work started to trickle out into the hall. First it started with the door, then the bathroom.

The other artists at NGB started to take note and they got the bug. After being complacent for a long time with it, they were rejuvenated by our actions to make the common spaces more attractive. So Julie (Davidson Smith, a very talented painter and encaustic artist) painted the bathroom and painted a notice board in the hall. I added to it, then Julie made a new sign, Jane (a potter) painted her spools, and the list continues.

Sometimes it just takes a newbie, a new influence, some fresh blood (or ideas) to start the ball rolling. And once it does, it bound to roll in many great directions!

PS - We are holding a demo day at NGB on November 14 from noon - 4. Come by see us work (and check out the new common space all decked out now)

Oct 20, 2009

Work with what you've got

My studiomate, Cathie Hamilton, is so clever. She taught me a good lesson this week as we prepare our studio for the open house this Friday. She taught me (or at least reminded me), that sometimes you've got to work with what you've got instead of trying to fix it. In fact, sometimes it turns out even better.

This is a picture of our studio door that Cathie painted. Notice the mouth? Well, our door had a hole in it, so instead of repairing it, she simply worked into the design. So far it's received many compliments and I think it's so cool.

So next time you're dreading fixing something, maybe just consider working with you've got.

Oct 17, 2009

Time to Partay!

It's time to celebrate - I've finally moved in to my studio. Consider this your personal invitation to my studio warming.

When: Friday, Oct 23
Time: 7-10pm
Where: NGB Studios, 12 Cataraqui Street, go in the red door (look for details on my website - www.lindseyfair.ca)

Hope to see you there!

Oct 14, 2009

Show list for 2010

At the last Artist Roundtable Group we discussed what shows are coming up and should be attended. The list is not complete, nor will I guarantee it's accurate, but at least it's a starting point.

Click here for the Art and Craft Show list.

Oct 5, 2009

A Clean Slate

How many times in your life do you get to start fresh, start with a clean slate? Not very often I presume. But if you are like me, it feels good (albeit a bit intimidating). It's inspiring, so exciting, full of possibilities. Not confined by what exists. Well, this week I'm there. I've just moved studios from the temporary to the permanent and I got to start fresh, with blank walls and open spaces.

I have so many ideas running through my head and so many drawings in my sketch book. It's good for me, good for my soul and truly good for business. So, I would advise all of you to start with a clean slate - even if that clean slate is only an empty page in your notebook. Look at it as a fresh start 'with blank walls and open spaces'. Where does it take you?

PS - for those of you anticipating the open house party - stay tuned - the invite is coming!