Sep 29, 2009

Time to Kollaborate!

I can't help but notice that there's a feeling in the air, a feeling that is different - I think it's the feeling of collaboration. Everywhere I look this fall I am seeing signs of how people are working together in very creative ways - whether it's fellow artists working on bodies of work together (good work Andrea, Jane, Carolyn, Alexi and so many others), my son mentoring a new student in his class, two struggling businesses finding a way to combine what they do to survive (yes it's true - we almost lost two of our downtown jewels this fall, but now they're staying!).

And it doesn't stop there. I just sent off a grant application to the Ontario Arts Council for a really cool project (I'm biased since it's my project) called Kollaboration Kingston. It will be a weekend where 17 local artists from all mediums, ages and stages of career, get together and work on bodies of work together - big and small. I can't wait to see what comes out of this project....

Sep 11, 2009

Successful Studio Tour Tips

Here's a quick summary of tips for running a successful studio tour or open house that were suggested at the the Artist Roundtable Discussion Group this month:

  • 2 or more artists in each venue

  • artist shopping opportunity either before you open to the public or at the end of one of the days

  • special invite only event prior to opening for the public

  • have preview photos or video taken and posted before opening

  • wrap up party to collect vendor feedback as soon as possible - maybe even onsite

  • involve media

  • do a draw to collect email addresses

  • plan the date a year out

  • send reminders 1 week and 2 days before

  • make sure to have signage and have brochures available on the sign itself

  • promo the morning of the show to media and on social networking sites

Please add to the list if you have other ideas.