Jul 31, 2008

Don't leave home without it

I went to a great show opening last night at Sandra Whitton's gallery. It showcased 2 of my favorite local artists -- Carolyn Barnett and Andrea Graham. The other 2 participating artists were fabulous as well.

My mother-in-law and I went together and got talking. Earlier in the day she was meeting some of her friends and trying to describe the type of jewellery I make and what beach glass is. (I've found either people are avid collectors themselves or have no idea whatsoever what beach glass is). They told her that she should wear a piece or at least have a sample in her purse. Good idea... I'll get back to this comment in a moment, but back to the show last night.

So I looked around the gallery and noticed that none of the artists in attendance, including the goldsmiths were wearing their own work. Carolyn was at least carrying a sweater and given the heat it made sense that she wasn't wearing it.

We spend so much money and effort on promoting our work that I think sometimes we often overlook the simple ideas. Your new mantra should be 'don't leave home without it'. Whether it's a small business card size portfolio in your pocket, a piece on (if you're a jeweller) or a sample in your purse (if you carry one). And take that step further, like in my mother-in-laws case, make sure your family and close friends that are willing do the same. Talk about cheap labour! So remember, next time I see you, you better not have left it at home!

Jul 21, 2008

Upcoming workshops

Hi everyone. I've had a request to let you know when my upcoming workshops are going to be so here are a few of my local sessions:

Bead 'n' Bitch
July 22, 2008
Come once or sign up for all 4 nights. Each night complete a new jewellery project or bring your own projects in progress and get help completing it. Time to hang out with fabulously fun women, share some drinks and create beautiful ( or at least unique :-) ) jewellery!$15 per night or $50 for all 4 (Aug 5, 19, Sept 9, 23). Includes beverages, most project materials and coaching.

The Art of Being Social - Web Marketing for Artists
July 30, 2008
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Social networking and marketing online are key to any successful business in today's competitive world especially for artists! These two hours will be spent going over the basics of online marketing for artists including: Facebook, YouTube, Blogging and yes even Second Life. Come learn how you can profit from the web instead of just spending on the web.

Bookkeeping Basics for Artists
August 27, 2008
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Entrepreneurs dig right into the production and sale of their product, because that's the fun part. For most, however, bookkeeping is the necessary evil. This is particularly true for artists. This workshop will show the importance of records and suggest and show simple methods specifically applicable to artists.

I have also have some kids camps listed on my website: www.lindseyfair.ca

Jul 9, 2008

What should I be called?

The big question has been posed and I need your thoughts on it. What should I call myself? As discussed in previous posts, I am venturing out in the world as a goulash, a mixed bag of activities, services and products, somehow or other all connected though to the world of art. Should I brand myself and my art as simply 'Lindsey Fair' as my parents named me? Or should I try and find something catchy and unique as a business name that captures it all?

There's definitely an argument for both sides. Seth Godin (one of my favorite business authors) discusses the value of his brand being "Seth Godin", and that he's lucky his parent's didn't name him Mike instead.

As much as I believe I have established a modest brand in my name, I'm pretty sure it's not as strong as Seth's (maybe some day). However, I'm a big believer in being memorable and unique, and I'm not quite sure if Lindsey will cut it.

So what are your thoughts? Should I simply be a piece of white beach glass called Lindsey Fair or a unique bottle topper called..........

Jul 7, 2008

Just say 'NO'

Here I am, full-time artist (with a little goulash in there of course). And day 1 I am already being reminded about the importance of saying no. Not in the same context that my parents taught me when I was a little girl, but for when you get overwhelmed and swamped.

My task list is bigger now than last week in the corporate world! And new opportunities keep presenting themselves and I'm a sucker for peer pressure I guess because I keep saying yes. It's a hard gamble sometimes to say no, because what if you're turning down a good, really good thing? Leo Babauta talks about how to get out of this dilemma in his blog - The Gentle Art of Saying No, which when I came across it was a good reminder to me that I have the 'right' to say NO.

Practice saying this before sitting down at your bench, easel, desk or studio "My time is valuable and I've figured out my priorities (and sticking to them)".